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Welcome to the Carbon 360® Inventory Management Program


The Carbon 360® Program consists of 8 self-paced core steps based on the GHG Protocol best practices.

Each step includes listed action points which delivers the defined outcomes that incrementally completes your organisation’s Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Inventory Management Plan (IMP) and voluntary decarbonisation commitment.

Course Content

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Basics to GHG Accounting - Prerequisite to Step 1-8
Inventory Management Plan (IMP)
Lesson Content
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Step 1 - Establish Organisational Boundaries
Step 2 - Establish Operational Boundaries
Step 3- Reporting Period and Activity Data
Step 4 - Calculate GHG Emissions and Carbon 360® Navigator Introduction and Tutorials
Step 5 - Managing Inventory Quality
Step 6 - Climate Commitment and Target Setting
Step 7 - Report GHG Emissions
Step 8 - Verification of GHG Emissions
Extra 1 - Carbon Offsetting
Capstone Assignment