GHG Inventory Management

Step 1 - Establish Organisational Boundary
Step 2 - Establish Organisation Boundary
Step 3- Reporting Period and Activity Data
Step 4 - Calculate GHG Emissions
Step 5 - Managing Inventory Quality
Step 6 - Climate Commitment and Target Setting
Step 7 - Report GHG Emissions
Step 8 - Verification of GHG Emissions

Start Here


Your organisation has progressed through the first stage of the Carbon 360™ process. So far your organisation has:

1      Signed up and become a member of Carbon 360™ and received a Membership Certificate 

2     Logged into to the Members Portal with a guided tour

3     Gained access to additional information and services

  • Including copies of receipts;
  • Copy of the Membership Certificate;
  • Current member details and membership category;
  • Climate Connect to engage with other likeminded businesses;
  • Climate Scout containing educational information, articles and support information;
  • Marketing resources including seals, posters, social tiles, marketing material and more which can be co-branded;
  • Information on carbon offset projects;
  • Climate governance to assist business setting up or with their current ESG platforms;
  • Access to help.

4     Added your organisation’s profile to Climate Connect

5     Made a modest initial carbon offsetting investment to initiate your decarbonisation journey and enabling early market announcements

6     Received an initial carbon offsetting certificate confirming your climate commitment

Beyond this point your organisation now has up to 6 months to develop a science based Greenhouse Gas Inventory Management Plan to inform your Smarter Net Zero™ Transition Plan and commitment to achieve either Carbon Neutrality or Net Zero by a certain future date.

Carbon 360 Greenhouse Gas Inventory Management Program Outline


This Carbon Inventory Management Guideline has been compiled to summarise a significant number of publicly available and credible resources from organisations like the GHG Protocol, the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the United States Environmental Protection Agency and many more.

It aims to navigate businesses through the formalised structures and standards of the Greenhouse Gas Protocol and GHG accounting and reporting systems in order to set in place a robust Greenhouse Gas Inventory Management Plan (“IMP”). This IMP will assist businesses with the management and mitigation of greenhouse gas risks and identifying and managing carbon reduction opportunities.

In finalisation of the SNZTP, your organisation has establihsed a credible framework, process and timeline to achieve its climate commitments. The Carbon 360™ process will assist your organisation in gaining recognition and social license early on in the process and provide it with a sensible timeframe to focus on finding the right solutions for your business.

Structure and Methodology

The Program consists of 8 self paced steps based on the GHG Protocol best practices. Each step delivers outcomes and action points which incrementally completes your organisation’s Carbon Inventory Management Plan (IMP).  

On completion of each of the eight Steps your company will need to transfer its data to its GHG Inventory Management Plan.

You may access the proforma IMP template in word format here


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