GHG Inventory Management

Step 1 - Establish Organisational Boundary
Step 2 - Establish Organisation Boundary
Step 3- Reporting Period and Activity Data
Step 4 - Calculate GHG Emissions
Step 5 - Managing Inventory Quality
Step 6 - Climate Commitment and Target Setting
Step 7 - Report GHG Emissions
Step 8 - Verification of GHG Emissions

Guideline and Action Points


The objective with Step 3 is to establish the reporting period and the collection of emissions data for the calculation and reporting of GHG emissions.

Action Points

  1. Establish a reporting year, synchronised across all operations of the organisation.
  2. Set a base year for reporting of emissions of the organisation for comparison purposes.
  3. Identify if base year had been adjusted due to material change or errors.
  4. Collect /obtain emissions data based on activities identified under Step2 and data collection activities determined for emission source categories.
  5. Transfer the financial year and based year assumptions to Section E of the company’s GHH Inventory Management plan (IMP).
  6. Transfer the emissions data collected to Section F of the company’s GHG Inventory Management Plan (IMP).

Step 3 Guideline