GHG Inventory Management

Step 1 - Establish Organisational Boundary
Step 2 - Establish Organisation Boundary
Step 3- Reporting Period and Activity Data
Step 4 - Calculate GHG Emissions
Step 5 - Managing Inventory Quality
Step 6 - Climate Commitment and Target Setting
Step 7 - Report GHG Emissions
Step 8 - Verification of GHG Emissions

Guideline and Action Points



Establishing a framework for the verification of the organisation’s GHG Inventory Management Plan.

Action Points

  1. Ensure that the supporting evidence for the validation process (GHG Inventory Management Plan) is complete and easily accessible.
  2. Select a validation methodology suitable to the organisation’s specific circumstances.
  3. Initiate the validation process.
  4. Incorporate final recommendations resulting from the validation process in the GHG Inventory Management Plan and update the Smarter Net Zero™ Transition Plan.