GHG Inventory Management

Step 1 - Establish Organisational Boundary
Step 2 - Establish Organisation Boundary
Step 3- Reporting Period and Activity Data
Step 4 - Calculate GHG Emissions
Step 5 - Managing Inventory Quality
Step 6 - Climate Commitment and Target Setting
Step 7 - Report GHG Emissions
Step 8 - Verification of GHG Emissions

Guideline and Action Points



Developing a Quality Management System to create credible inventory process, improve data quality and to develop an Inventory Management Plan that’s relevant, complete, consistent, transparent and accurate.

Action Points

  1. Review and analysis of current Quality Management System.
  2. Identify Quality Management System gaps.
  3. Identify and prioritise development of the Quality Management System to support the quantification and reporting of GHG emissions.
  4. Transfer the data collected to Section H of the company’s GHG Inventory Management Plan (IMP) and record any activity exclusions if applicable.